Pallywood Strikes Again

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CNN in their reporting brilliance has the folowing headline “ Israel fires rocket at car in Gaza City“. Its occupants were unharmed. Later it notes that Israel claims 48 rockets launched at Israel just over the weekend.

Thats right, Hamas launches 48 missles and Israel fires one rocket this weekend, and what does the headline read? Furthermore, CNN continues to write that the Gaza Beach incident was caused by an Israeli attack, (along with all other news major news sources) when Israel has retreated from its acceptance of blame. The Palestininas wil not let the IDF get in there to examine the site of the attack. CBC breaks rank and reports that maybe Israel was not to blame.

The videos are extremely suspicious of a new Mohammed al-Dura episode. Its Massacre of Jenin, Muhammed al-Dura, all over again. Video footage is provided by “Ramattan tv” a real Gaza News source.

Watch this over and over again and then tell me that this is for real. The girl weeps over something, then is seen walking away. Meanwhile the “red crescent” guys are walking over to attend to the wounded. It seems they run when given the cue. Then notice that there are two lumps in the sand, o

ne which is moving. If this is a wounded man, why are the rescuers walking?

In the Al Jazeera cut they add in random footage of the boats at sea, when there are no boats at sea in the oher clips. The CNN reporters says that the beach attack was from Israeli gunners—not from Israeli ships— but the Al Jazeera blames it on ships. So was it ships or gunners? Can’t Ramattan get it right?

Why are the “rescuers” clearing the beach of the belongings of the family? Wouldn’t they want to investigate the scene and treat the wounded? There is no hole in the ground of an explosion, where are all the other victims, where is the attrocity? We have all seen what an area looks like after a large explosion…

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