Palin makes Alaskans pay for her kids travel

I love my kids. I would love to bring them with me on trips. I hate leaving them alone.  But I don’t expect the money I raise for my work to pay for my kids travel!. I am sure we will see MANY more cases of Palin’s so-called fiscal responsibility and cutting out waste.

Palin expensed her children’s air travel to the state

ANCHORAGE — Since Gov. Sarah Palin took office nearly two years ago, the state of Alaska has routinely bought commercial airline tickets for her daughters when they travel with her, a practice that raises questions about the governor’s claim to being a fiscal conservative.

Travel records from the governor’s office show that the state has spent at least $31,800 on dozens of airline tickets for the family, and more for meals and hotels.

Records show the family has traveled with Palin for events such as the Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Fairbanks last fall and to shoot official first family photos in Juneau, to draw raffle tickets at an event in Anchorage and to tour a teen center spearheaded by the Juneau Christian Center.

There’s no specific state law or rule that says the state pays for family members to travel to events with the governor, but it’s become tradition, acco

rding to Linda Perez, director of administrative services for the governor. The governor’s spokeswoman, Sharon Leighow, said paying the family’s travel expenses is appropriate because people expect Palin to bring her husband and children along.

“There is an expectation of the first family to participate in activities across the state,” she said.

But the issue of who should pay the family’s travel expenses adds to questions about Palin’s spending practices that were raised this week by revelations in the Washington Post that Palin also charged the state for meals while she was staying at her home in Wasilla, away from her official state duty station of Juneau, the capital.

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  1. the og mike c
    the og mike c says:

    I guess that almost compensates for the 1.2 million dollar private Jet she sold that every other Governor, high level Senator and President owns for the family and colleagues. Both parties purchase private planes on our tax money. I await to read your article explaining why Biden cheated his way through Law School and copied speeches given by politicians all the way up his 35 year ladder of doing nothing but vote present.

  2. rabbiyonah
    rabbiyonah says:

    Ahh Mike I see that when I decide to aim the pen at Palin – you cringe. I am writing about her – you are free to write about Biden all you want! I am not presenting a pro-con. I am blogging.

    Palin is just bad news. She represents a much worse choice than Biden.

  3. tweetster
    tweetster says:

    That’s one heck of a nick picking story. Especially since Hillary flew Chelsey and herself internationally on tax payer’s dime as well, and used high ranking miltary service personel like servants.

    The AP is such a partisan news group

  4. tweetster
    tweetster says:

    The article should do the math on Jet fuel cost per Mile, before implying that flying commercial jets is more expensive than flying a private jet

  5. linda
    linda says:

    I dont care who did it, it is wrong, tax payer money should never cover the Governors family, never….If she were president that is really different… but outrageious that taxpayers should pay…. if she wants to go on trips with her family , she should pay……. when you are on a trip witih your family , you are not taking care of business.//

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