Rabbi Yonah and Jewlicious Festivals featured in SF Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

Young Jews from Fort Bragg to Uganda gather

Lisa Alcalay Klug, Special to The Chronicle

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Grammy-nominated J.J. Keki, an Ugandan Jew, performs at t... Little girls show off their pretty dresses at the Jewlici... People dance at an evening concert at the Jewlicious Fest... Songwriter Rav Shmuel performs from his

When J.J. Keki began leading classic Hebrew songs at a traditional Jewish Sabbath meal in Long Beach last weekend,

his 400 lunch companions were transfixed. An African Jew and Grammy-nominated musician, Keki attended Jewlicious 3.0 @ the Beach, self-described as the largest Jewish youth festival. And whether he was singing or discussing his work directing the fair trade Mirembe Kawomera Cooperative for Jewish, Christian and Muslim coffee farmers in his homeland, Uganda, Keki had found his audience.

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Just in time for Passover: Coca Cola loses to Egyptian Jews

coke_and_donkey.jpgUS Supreme Court lets case proceed:

The US Supreme Court declined Monday to consider a request by Coca-Cola Co. to halt a lawsuit brought against it by three Egyptian citizens living in Canada. The court’s decision lets stand a ruling by an appeals court that allows the lawsuit to proceed.

According to court filings in the case, the Bigio family moved to Canada after the Egyptian government expropriated their commercial property holdings in 1962. The Egyptian government has since ordered the Bigios’ property to be returned, but the state-owned Egyptian bottling company has refused to comply, the appeals court said. (Jpost.com)

Meanwhile over at Coca-Cola Egypt, they are gearing up for their third Antarctic Expedition. Uhm, whatever.

And we are not talking about just a few cases of desert warmed coke. “Based in Cairo, The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt (TCCBCE) owns and operates 11 bottling plants and 29 sales and distribution centers. The company has operated in Egypt since 1942 and, with 7,400 employees, is one of the country’s major employers.” And they earn between $100M-$500M a year in sales.

Even with the bad press, Coke was better than Pepsi, because Coke refused to honor the Arab Boycott of Israel.

Meanwhile, despite this historical Zionist-Coke partnership, the ZOA launched a boycott campaign against Coke, in addition to helping the Bigio Family. In a lengthy piece about the case, the ZOA’s legal department has shown that Coca-Cola is perpetuating the injustice served the Bigio and other Egyptian Jewish Families, when their property and business were confiscated.

For approximately 60 years beginning in the early 1900’s, according to the ZOA briefing, the Bigios owned land and factories near Cairo, Egypt. Coca-Cola leased a factory building from the Bigios for over 25 years, and the Bigios’ factories provided bottle caps and other products to the Company. In 1962, the Egyptian government forcibly stole the Bigios’ property from them.

Coca Cola thought that they would have no trouble from a group of pesky Egyptian Jews. Well, I could have told them they would loose in the end. These Jews lasted through over a thousands years in Egypt – you think that they are going to feel intimidated by Big Coke?

In 1997, the Bigios filed suit against Coca-Cola in a federal district court in New York. In the almost 10 years since the lawsuit was brought, Coca-Cola’s lawyers “have used every legal maneuver to avoid reaching the merits of the Bigios’ case because the Company has no legal or moral defense for its conduct.”

The Bigios then teamed up with renowned Washington, D.C. litigator Nathan Lewin, and have scored a moral and we hope financial victory.

The case now goes back to a lower court, and we should remind Coca Cola of what God did to the Egyptians when they thought they could hold on to some Jewish slaves.


Did Khalid Sheik Mohammed murder Daniel Pearl?

danielpearl.jpgAccording to his testimony, Bin Laden’s 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed, slaughtered Jewish American journalist Daniel Pearl in cold blood. Why this has only come to our attention now, and why the CIA and FBI kept this information to themselves sheds light on the incompetent way in which our administration is dealing with suspects it captures in the war on terror. Mohammed was handed over to the Americans after they threatened Musharaf. Pakistan had been playing both sides of the game, and Bush needed some proof that while he may be in bed with some grisly characters, at least they deliver.

In 2002 (that is five years ago) in Pakistan, some others were arrested and charged with this crime:

Three suspects were caught after the e-mail addresses that sent the ransom e-mail were traced by the FBI.

On March 21, 2002, in Pakistan, British-born Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh and three other suspects were charged with murder for their part in the kidnapping and execution of Daniel Pearl. They were convicted on July 15, 2002 and Sheikh was sentenced to death. During the trial, Sheikh, the mastermind of the kidnapping, told investigators he had kidnapped Pearl to “strike a blow at the United States and embarrass the Pakistani government.” Another of the suspects said Pearl had been targeted “because he was a Jew working against Islam.”

Meanwhile, Mohammed has taken credit for this and everything else. He is quoted as saying to American interrogators:

“I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew, Daniel Pearl, in the city of Karachi, Pakistan,” Mohammed is quoted as saying in a transcript of a military hearing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, that was released Thursday by the Pentagon.


Web Cam covers excavation at the Mughrabi Ramp

The Israel Antiquities Authority
Excavation at the Mughrabi Ramp


The excavations take place from Sunday till Thursday from 6:30 to 14:00 (GMT+2)