Celebrating Jewnity the Jewlicious way

An amazing article that really gets to the heart of what we do is in this week’s Jewish Journal of L.A. Journalist Dikla Kadosh spent two days at Jewlicious Festival and wrote a fantastic piece.

It is some of the best coverage we have ever had in a Jewish publication. It had felt until now, that even when there were articles, they were unable to capture the depth and breadth of what we do. Dikla broke the barriers and wrote a great piece. Thanks!

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See below…

“It’s become cool to be Jewish,” says comedian Eric Schwartz, a.k.a. Smooth E., before he quotes one of his own songs, “Jewish is trendy, Jewish is fun, it took 2,000 years, but it finally caught on!”

Schwartz is on stage dressed in a flat cap, brown tweed jacket, jeans and a big bow tie during Jewlicious 3.0 at the Beach, a three-day exploration and celebration of all things Jewish that drew approximately 400 people to Long Beach’s Barbara and Ray Alpert Jewish Community Center from March 9-11. Read more