Spielberg Does the Write thing

From the NY Times

Ms. Farrow, a good-will ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund, has played a crucial role, starting a campaign last month to label the Games in Beijing the “Genocide Olympics” and calling on corporate sponsors and even Mr. Spielberg, who is an artistic adviser to China for the Games, to publicly exhort China to do something about Darfur. In a March 28 op-ed article in The Wall Street Journal, she warned Mr. Spielberg that he could “go down in history as the Leni Riefenstahl of the Beijing Games,” a reference to a German filmmaker who made Nazi propaganda films.

Four days later, Mr. Spielberg sent a letter to President Hu Jintao of China, condemning the killings in Darfur and asking the Chinese government to use its influence in the region “to bring an end to the human suffering there,” according to Mr. Spielberg’s spokesman, Marvin Levy.

For the record, I have know idea Mr. Spielberg who is advising you on these and other issues, but the fact that China has been blocking all efforts for years to resolve Darfur is all over the papers.

And if you want to know more about China:

China Tibet (exiled the Dali

Lama and his entire leadership and destroyed their holy sites), destroys vast territories of the environment,  employs slave labor, has a totalitarian society without freedom of religion, the press, or anything else that might undermine the State.

China deserves more and more of such letters, from Spielberg and others, telling them that their Olympics are tainted by their oppression of others.

Free Tibet! Stop the Killing in Darfur! and Free China!

Pilgrimage to Detroit


West Bloomfield, Michigan
Thursday, April 12th 2007
24 NIssan 5767, Omer Day 9

Perhaps if TJ’s had been here earlier, then one of my high school friends would have stayed. As it is, everyone one from our group lives elsewhere. Yes, TJ’s may have held back the exodus.

Day 10

Today is the tenth day of the omer, which is one week and three days. It corresponds to the sefirah of tiferet in gevurah, of beauty in discipline/strength. Lev’s Meditation A garden in the middle of the fortified castle. Beauty within Strength. Within the Strength of Gevurah is a place of balance and peace and even rest. And ten is the entire Tree of Life, the Days of Teshuva (return), and Ten Utterances (commandments), and ten lost tribes, there are ten plagues, and how often am I able to retreat to a place of rest-peace-equalibrium, so I can focus my love on those close to me?

Picture of tile from here

Day 5

I forgot to write this introduction to the counting of the Omer. The omer counting is a period of self reflection different than other times of year. It helps develop discipline, which is needed for a spiritual life. Just as the Jews went through a period of growth and self-knowledge after they marched from bondage and slavery into freedom, we have the chance each year to also experience that personal growth. We prepare for Matan Torah, the giving of the torah on Shavuot. Can you imagine how much better I do when I prepare for something, than when I try to wing it? Yes, I can go into Shavuot on a limb, and it will still be a high. But I am fooling myself if I think that 7 weeks of preparation won’t help bring the whole thing so much higher, and connect me to the meaning of the holydays, and the revelation at Mt. Sinai.

5sign2.jpgToday is the fifth day of the omer corresponding to the sefira of hod within chesed, or humility within lovingkindness, which is also order in grace. Distinguishing from one kind of love and another, as opposed to being cynical at all love, realizing that there is so much love available, and that I have so much love to give.