One Solution to Campus Anti-Semitism: A Disclaimer

Found this from a very creative pro-Israel blogger. This is one solution…
“There have been frequent anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist activities, speakers and events on this campus. It is fully supported by the campus administration under the rubric of free speech. Political studies, particularly middle eastern studies departments typically espouse a singular anti-Semitic or anti-Zionist position which is protected under the rules of tenure. Students are warned that overt Jewish behavior or Jewish or Pro-Israel advocacy on campus may result in situations where the students safety or academic freedom or academic success cannot be protected or guaranteed. There may be situations where tenured and non-tenured staff may use their political bent to enforce their views on students and threaten students who do not adhere to this particular view. Enforcement can include threats of failure, personal insults, shaming, lying and violation of personal space. This is not in any way a violation of the bylaws of the charter of the UC system or its Regents or the laws of the state of California. Should any student feel threatened, be threatened or be otherwise hampered or imperiled, pressured or have their Jewish behavior or beliefs hampered there is no recourse either through the campus, the UC system or the laws of the state of California over and above laws covering the civil and legal rights of protected class minorities or other state or federal Constitutional guarantees expressly permitted. This should in no way be interpreted as official UC policy against the practicing of any religious preference.”

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