Oncelers At It, Even On TuB’Shvat

Morning paper, La Times (yes groan if you must). Front page article on the Cali section regarding a novel way to pillage and destroy some very nice foersts up north. You see, The Pacific Lumber Co. are Oncelers and are trying to blackmail all of us. They will file for chapter 11 unless we let them cut some forests. If they go chapter 11, they will have no choice but to cut some old growth redwood. Hmm. Pacific Lumber for all of you who don’t know are the most pernicious oncelers, and have pulled these tricks before (See this from 1994 where Maxxam pulled same stunk and won). When we will the world listen to my friend the Lorax, who is obviously a Yid, and a Tu B’Shvat Freak?

Great Article on Rabbis in the Woods, Also against Maxxam

Bankruptcy Threat With an Edge
Lumber firm says environmental safeguards are at risk if

it can’t cut more trees.
By Tim Reiterman Times Staff Writer
January 25, 2005

SACRAMENTO—Timber giant Pacific Lumber Co. has told the Schwarzenegger administration that unless it is allowed to cut more trees, the firm may file for bankruptcy, which it says would likely terminate environmental safeguards promised as part of a $480-million deal struck more than five years ago.

Click here to read the rest of the LA Times article.

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