NY Times Hearts Neturei Karta

In an almost surreal and sweet little piece, the NY times defangs the infamous and maligned leader of Neturei Karta in America, Dovid Weiss, and quotes him saying he is just misunderstood. Ahw, isn’t that sweet. And then they print something that is so outrageously and patently false, that it reminds me why I cancelled my subscription to that fish-wrapper rag in the first place:

“We’re constantly disparaged, belittled, but we’re the ones trying to make peace with the Arabs,” Rabbi Weiss said. “But we don’t look at the Zionists with animosity. We just wished they would give us a chance.”

Weiss is not a Rabbi, we checked his ordination and it is a farce. He pathologically hates all Jews that d

o not agree with him, as evidenced by my many, many, encounters with him. He literally hates Jewish students on campuses, and chooses to embrace the most hateful humans who proclaim death to Jews and Israel. In fat he fits the definition well of someone with schizophrenia characterized by “impairments in the perception or expression of reality and by significant social or occupational dysfunction.”

But lest I digress. the real culprit is the NY Times and FERNANDA SANTOS for publishing this garbage. Any amount of digging and fact checking would show that these clowns are not who they say they are, and not sweet and cudly, and most certainly harbor hate and emnity for all Jews beyond their sick cult. They are littel better then terrorists who use their outlandish exploits to gain attention for their cause, without regard for the cost to human life.

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