NEXT Shabbat, Do It Your Way!

next shabbatGetting a free trip to Israel is pretty amazing. Getting sponsored Friday Night Shabbat Dinners when you get back? That is very cool.

Birthright Israel NEXT is sponsoring Shabbat Dinner, and you get to choose the guests, the food, and the location.

Do you love to entertain? Always wanted to host a Shabbat meal with a creative Jewish flair but never got around to it? Now’s your chance because YOUR


Gather your friends and have a Shabbat meal in your apartment, in the park, by a lake or Havdallah on the beach. Birthright Israel NEXT will compensate you to the tune of $25/person, up to 16 people (including the host).

Not only past participants, but past groups leaders can sign-up to host a dinner. You control the food, the guests, the flowers.

One of the coolest features is that you can search for a Shabbat Dinner by Zip Code, and up pop all these Shabbat Dinners. I mean, that is just very cool.

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