New Facebook Page

I love using Facebook to stay in touch with friends. Maybe too much sharing. Maybe too many links. Maybe. However, I have recently discovered a serious flaw: you can only have 5,000 friends. That might sound like a lot, and it likely is, but it doesn’t work for me. Thank God there are many people that want to stay in touch, and it’s a blessing. Until I maxed out yesterday.

So after consulting with some friends and members of the community I decided to create a Facebook page which has unlimited numbers of people that I can connect to.

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On my page I will be posting as I did on my profile, including pertinent articles, insights that I want to share, events that I will be taking part in, Tweets, and photos to share with the world. We can stay in touch through messages, and we can share and like each other’s posts.

So I hope that you will join me on my new page!

Click here to stay in touch!