My Heartfelt Prayer for Israel 5780

Written for Yom Haatzmaut, Israeli Independence Day, this Prayer for Israel is for all who love Israel and Peace by Rabbi Yonah Bookstein

Thank you God for Israel and hear my Prayers for Israel. Thank you God everyday for the miracle of Israel that my ancestors longed and prayed for. Thank you for the miraculous salvation and the start of the Great redemption of Israel and the world.

Protect Israel from Enemies

God, protect the defenders of our Sacred land armed with rifles and prayer books. Protect Israel from baseless hatred from our enemies and ourselves.

God, Raise up Israel as a light unto the nations bringing peace and salvation to the world.

God, although we are not deserving, we are impatient. The birth pangs of Redemption are painful and we pray for an end of these 2,000 years of waiting.

Gather us Together

Lift up our weary spirits. Fulfill your promise today. Gather the rest of your dispersed children of Israel who are spread to four corners of the Earth. Gather those who are spiritually distant. Gather those who have forgotten You. Gather those who don’t know who they really are. Gather those who love You and those who don’t recognize You. 

God, You show us the signs of this impending redemption with Israel’s flowering, miraculous technology, and the bountiful harvest. Look God and see what I see — the hills and valleys, study halls and houses of prayer, rising buildings and tech start-ups — Israel is blooming. The barren sand is turning to soil. The fertile land overflowing with ripe fruit and fragrant honey. Your precious and Holy Torah once again emanates from Zion to the rest of the world.

God, make this the appointed time. Sound the great shofar for the redemption. Raise the banner of freedom; raise the banner of liberation; raise the banner of justice; gather us today from the ends of the Earth. Please God, resist being dissuaded by our nar

row vision because deep down we know Israel is our spiritual home. You know because You engraved it on our hearts. Our souls yearn for home. Our souls year for redemption. Our souls yearn for peace and unity, for harmony and salvation. Redeem Your people. Why make us wait any longer? 

Blessed are You, who gathers together the dispersed People of Israel. Amen, selah.

Based on Rabbi Yonah Bookstein’s book Prayers for Israel