Muslim students show Jews as monsters

This  “passion play” used was created to incite hatred against Jews and Israelis.  This dramatic presentation of Jewish cruelty is in my opinion anti-semitic. It shows the helpless and powerless at the mercy  of cruel Jewish villains.  While one may choose to see this film in “objective” light – its only a protest Rabbi Yonah to raise awareness of the conflict – I cannot help but view this as part of the continuum of anti-semitism. In fact, the passion plays of the middle ages are very similar in content – showing a powerless Jesus victimized and killed by the Jews. The point of those passion plays was to inflame anger against Jews, and burn the image of the suffering Jesus into the minds of the public. The point of this passion play  is to inflame anger against Jews, hatred of Israel, and burn the image of the suffering Palestinians into the minds of impressionable students.  Some of these students involved told me that their peace proposal is the elimination – yes destruction – of Israel, and the establishment of an Islamic state in its place.