moshavI want to get closer to you, sings YEHUDAH SOLOMON on the latest MOSHAV release, Misplaced Master. After spinning the disk in our offices for the last week, we all want to get closer: to God, the album, and this wonderfully enchanting and luring melody. Always a fan of this band of master musicians, Moshav have created yet another album that delights the senses.

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Each song has a distinct personality and flavor, some playful (Jockey full of Bourbon) and others serious (Cold Cry). There are some wonderful references to great song makers Elton John (Dream Again) and Peter Gabriel (When I’m gone).

There are trances and spirit, some popular tunage, and some clever production. Especially as the song Closer opens up to Yehudah’s Sephardic Chazzanut, which morphs into Subliminalistic hip-hop, only to end up in a wholly new place. Thanks guys for another musical odyssey that will keep me interested for many moons.