Michael Lerner needs a Tikkun

Tikkun means in “repair” and is often used among rabbinical literature to describe a repair or fix that someone needs to do in order to fix something they messed up. Whether on spiritual terms, or any other sense, a tikkun (in Yiddish it is pronounced “tikk’n”) helps to repair the wrong.

Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun, has deeply needs a tikkun now after placing himself amongst lunatic conspirators and extremists, especially Muslim ones that repeat this mantra over and over again—Lerner has said that in fact the US may be involved in the 9-11 attacks.

“I would not be surprised to learn that some branch of our government conspired either actively to promote or passively to allow the attack on 9/11,” Lerner wrote in an essay published in th

e new book, “9/11 and American Empire: Christians, Jews, and Muslims Speak Out.” Lerner added that he would also not be surprised if it turned out that the attacks were not the result of a government conspiracy. (from the Forward.com and a MUST READ)

What the bleep?!@?

This is such a serious shanda, that the tikkun should be no less than a departure from politics and leadership  . How can a Jewish leader lend his support to the most fringe elements in America (ones that often blame everything on Jews)? Its one thing when Michael Moore runs around with his shtick, but Lerner is supposed to be a Jewish leader, albeit for far left Jews, and this disastrous position undermines his credibility on other issues.

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  1. iridescent cuttlefish
    iridescent cuttlefish says:

    Quatsch! The leftist tradition is the one Jews can be proud of–not that of the nationalist, pro-business/anti-Life Jeckes who turned their backs on the Ostjuden so memorably. Not exclusively, mind you (as those who were Stalinists in the ’30s could tell you), but the Arbeter Ring of the late 1800’s, for example, was very deeply socialist/humanitarian, committed to advancing the G-d given rights of man, not Property. This tradition seems to have withered with the demise of the Civil Rights movement, but Lerner is to be commended for relighting the old flame. His tolerance for the “dirty Arabs” sounds a lot more like your quote from Rabbi Kook (“Just as the Temple was destroyed through baseless hatred, it will only be rebuilt through baseless love”) than the sort of rightwing clap-trappery you’re spouting here.

    And speaking of “shanda,” was the phrase ever better spoken than by one Hoffman to another, when Abiie called Julius a “shanda fur di goyim”?

    You can “think Jewish” — http://www.thinkingjewish.net/home/2008/08/shanda-fur-die-goyim.html — without defending all that’s wrong with America and the world, you know, Reb. You can even consider 9/11 as just another in the long line of state terrorist actions–http://www.killinghope.org/–and, you can even do so without resorting to “conspiracy theories” and quoting from the Protocols. Joe Lieberman, for example, is far more Roman than Maccabeean, however “observant” he might profess to be. Does he, do any of the hawks on the right talk about making “a shenere un besere velt”?

    Sometimes you have to look beneath the appearances of things, Sir, beyond the conveniently misleading labels. What’s good for GM is not what’s good for America…what’s good for the soul is not yet more unthinking, blind allegiance to ideology and–of all things!–materialism. Yecch!

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