McDonalds Co-opts Ethnic Food Yet Again!

McShwarma Is A Pita With Turkey Inside It
Ray Kroc’s brash vow: whatever people ate, McDonald’s would be the ones to sell it. Consequently, you’ve seen McRibs and McSalads, and McLobster Roll, because Ronald McDonald will stop at nothing to infiltrate the eating habits of unsuspecting ethnic groups. So now, only in the Holy Land, the ones who gave us cheeseburgers with kosher for Passover rolls, brings forth a new creation! I must admit, that this ad is fantastic, and almost makes up for the dirty bizness of it all. Feast on this very clever Pulp Fictionesque viral ad from McDonalds Israel. The original longer version is in our downloads section. That doesn’t mean that this is Kosher, or that we recommend eating it. Has anyone tried it? Does it really taste like anything like shwarma? I have a tough time conjuring up what the taste might be like. BTW, when you ask for your McShwarma in Israel you don’t have to say please.
Download the original long version here in Beach Hillel Dowloads.

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