Mazal Tov: Tigers Pick a Jewish Manager

Many know that I am a Detroit baseball fanatic and was crushed at our loss this season to the Red Sox in the American League Championships. But all the mourning and soul-searching has come to an abrupt end on the news that former Detroit Tiger Brad Ausmus — and most importantly former coach of Team Israel — will be the new Tiger’s manager.

This was a very bold move. “I was taken back with how impressive he was,” Dombrowski said. “Every time Brad’s name came up, it was effusive with praise.”

Of course how Ausmus will work out with the most accomplished team in the MLB remains to be seen. The fact that he is Jewish doesn’t really impact that much on the team. We all hope that he has an

ability to motivate a team that has had its spirits crushed by two post-season meltdowns. He will have to be part motivational speaker, part sports psychologist, part manager, and part Detroiter. Not an easy gig.

His Jewishness may indeed play a factor on the season. Look to see matzah this Passover at Comerica Park. And what number has Ausmus chosen to wear? #7, in honor of Shabbos I am sure.

What a great early Chanukah present!