Let my People Go!

Parsha Bo spontaneous reflections

Its all about the matzah. Free myself from Egyptian slavery and awaken my inner freedom. Great days await you, out there in the desert. It’s frightening all this potential. After so many miracles and death and devastation, what will happen to us? to me? Where will I be when the chips fall, when the dust clears, when the clouds part. Will I be standing on the right side of the Nile?

Its all about the Passover offering, the Angel of Death, the Fast of the Firstborn, the Hillel Sandwich, the four questions, the Cup of Elijah, the plagues, telling it over like it was, one generation at a time. How many will hear the story from me? Is my table full of telling the story or is my table stuck in Egypt?

Its all about the horse radish, the hot sauce, the jalapeno peppers, the pain, the salt in my wounds. If slavery is so bitter how come this is my favorite part and I complain if its not hot enough, if itdoesn’t burn enough if my eyes are not watering well then its just not Passover.

Its all about the Haggadah, the Maxwell house, revised double standard new classic edition that sits unused for generations (thank GOD) in favor of the popular ones with

nice drawings and politically nice speech and the Egyptians don’t drowned they just cycle through the karma or is it the darma, and God is a She and Pharaoh is my own neurosis, and Moshe is my homeboy, and Never Again, and Never Forget, and Darfur is burning.

Its all about Passover. I just wouldn’t be a Jew without it.

Let my people go.

Hashem, its time. Enough of this exile.

Let my people go.

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  1. Truthseeker
    Truthseeker says:

    Well, since Passover to Jews is the same as Easter is to Christians, let’s think why. It is when the sun passes back over the southern equinox. That goes for both religions. It’s all about Astro-theology my friend. The sun worshipping Christians are celebrating the rebirth of the SUN of god and the coming summer, just as the Saturnian cult jews. Easter is simply ths star in the east or, Sun rising in the east. RA was the ancient sun god, EL was the ancient saturn god and Isis was a lunar god, Hence ISIS-RA-EL or ISRAEL. Rabbis wear a Yarmulke as it represnets the ring of Saturn. Earrings and all rings represented the worship of Saturn. Our internal Zodiac does work in conjunction with many of the attributes and aspects of Saturn, the Sun and the Moon. That is why the Gregorian Calemnder that we go by today have named days of the week after the Sun-day, Saturns day and the moon, Moonday. The rest of the week are dedicated to Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury, but the names don’t translate in an obvious manner. 12 hours named after the god Horas and 12 hours because it takes the sun going tjrough 12 signs of the zodiac to cross the sky. Israelites were the people who formed those three cults for power. They wanted the land in a certain part of the world, *where it is now* for reasons of commerce and the Hyskos bloodlines who are the Zionists of today coupled with the Vatican still rule today are laughing at everyone for picking one religion over another. The Hyskos, Tribe of Levi and Zadokites who led the jews out of Egypt as well as many of the people being led, were not poor Shepards, they were Shepard Kings, military commanders and military personell with their families. These people who left Egypt, the Israelites original real homeland, were the rulers of the Egyption dynasties before they left and the originators of MONO-theism. Many were filthy rich and still are today. Too bad the people in Israel are being fooled as well as everyone else who isn’t part of the elite. This is what secret societies are for my friend. It’s how they have kept control. Who are these people today? The Royalty, with their lower henchmen as leaders of countries while they stay in the background fullfilling their order ab chao, or order through chaos. By the way the only reason Israel was called the holy land is because it was the center of commerce. Nothing holy has been found in Israel, nothing. Jerusalem is really an old city in Egypt. City names have been changed though. Zion was it’s name. Heck, even Wash DC used to be named Rome. Do the research, learn the symbology and you will see, it’s available. Christains, Jews and Muslims have to stop buying into this simply because they have been told to believe and it it makes them feel secure. It is the root of all evil and fighting.

    The 1st Testament, the Torah, was named after the Tarot, it was the peaceful way of life for the people in the golden age. The 1st testament was modeled after the Egyption “Book of the dead” and coupled with the Tarot. The New Testement is simply a story wrapped around a story of the sun and stars. A good example is Moses, *who was Akhenaton*, King Tut’s father, came down from the mountain, *the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt* and scolded his people for worshipping the golden calf. Well, during that time they were moving from Taurus to Aries, aprox -2000 BC and they were well into Aries when the people were still worshipping Taurus the bull and not Aries, the goat or sheep/lamb. That is where the lamb of god came from. Jeseus was supposedly born in the age or Aeon of Aries, hence the pictures of him and the lamb. Look into precession of the equinox and you will see we reset to zero year at the start of the age of Pisces*fish*. These ages are aprox 2100 years long. Multiply that by the 12 ages or 12 signs of the Zodiac and we have the great year of aprox 26,000 years, which is 2012. Going back to the start of the age of Pisces, is why the Jesus stories are representing him teaching to fish. It is also why christians put those fish symbols on the back of their car. WE will be entering the age of Aquarius soon. The great part is that the truth is on it’s way and these crooks will be exposed for what they really are.

    BTW, Christmas, Chanakuh are both simply the celebration of Winter Solstice. The sun is born again after reaching it’s lowest point in the sky on Dec 23.

    Don’t get me wrong, these stories have real people and are great stories but they are replete with astrotheology metaphors and we have been kept from knowledge that can enlighten us and release our real potential as humans. This is just scratching the surface and the origins of man is the real big secret held onto by the secret societies.

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