Lag B’Omer: God’s Wondrous Simple Infinite Unity

The Zohar teaches that there is so much more to the Torah than meets the eye. The Torah is more than you read and see.Generally, we only read the black letters – Kabbalah looks at the spaces around the black letters. Lag B’Omer we go beyond the simple level of Torah, of Mitzvahs. On Lag B’Omer we all can access a level of the secrets of the Torah.

Rav Kook brought a radical notion – that we should remove the restrictions for studying Kabbalah. He wrote: “Now in the period closet to the end of salvation ‘the voice of the turtle doves is hear in our land and the blossoms appear in the land.’ The need to seek the light of God and to seek supreme spiritual redemption, and to flow toward the Lord and his goodness is increasing (orot p91).

He also wrote: “The secrets of the Torah bring the redemption and return Israel [the Jewish people] to the land, because the Torah of Truth in its mighty inner logic demands the complete soul of the nation. Through this inner Torah- the nation begins to feel the pain of exile and to realize the absolute impossibility for its

character to fulfill its potential as long as it is oppressed on foreign soil…”

He wrote: “Even those that don’t understand it complete should study it. Through continual study, gates of light and portals of wisdom shall be revealed to all who walk faithfully on the path of God , who desire to draw near to the divine sanctuary of the the Glorious king, Life Of The Worlds.”

He blessed people that dedicated part of their daily study of Kabbalah. The more the better. Rav Kook also cautioned that the Zohar is sacred and not to be read literally. The objective is to delve in to he greatness of the creator and his wondrous simple infinite unity.

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