Jimmy Carter’s Shame

I am nauseous and sick. I feel a kind of a revulsion that I have not had in years. The kind of sick feeling that I had when I was in the Cathedral in Sandomierz. Upon the wall hung a portrait from hundreds of years ago showing Jews piercing a Christian child for blood to make matzoth. I asked the priest, “ Why do you keep this portrait up? Everyone knows that this is a lie.” He answered in a cool, steely and almost mocking tone, “well, you know it might not be what you Jews do today, but it used to happen.”

Why am I feeling so ill, because I had the unfortunate luck to read some passages from Jimmy Peanut’s revolting, anti-Jewish, racist polemical work.

As Jefferey Goldberg points out so cogently in the Washington Post, the book’s goal is to loosen evangelical support for Israel.

Because a specific agenda appears to be at work here. Carter seems to mean for this book to convince American evangelicals to reconsider their support for Israel. Evangelical Christians have become bedrock supporters of Israel lately, and Carter marshals many arguments, most of them specious, to scare them out of their position. Hence the Golda Meir story, seemingly meant to show that Israel is not the God-fearing nation that religious Christians believe it to be. And then there are the accusations, unsupported by actual evidence, that Israel persecutes its Christian citizens.

Luckily for Israel, and the Jews, Carter is not high on the list of those loved by the evangelical movement.

Carter is not unlike the racist priest I met in Sandomierz. Carte

r’s book is replete with age-old canards in not-so-subtle language of Jewish control of the media and government. His passages connecting Israelis to the Jews of Jesus’s time are just a cover for saying that Jews are the devil incarnate for having rejected Christ, that we will forever suffer because of our sin of rejecting him, and that we are cold blooded killers out for innocent victims’ blood.

Jimmy Carter, you have shamed your country, your family, and your Center. Everything that you touch and talk about will be forever stained by the stink of your anti-Jewish racism.

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  1. Ray Duran
    Ray Duran says:

    Interesting. Of the few (extremely few) things that I’m grateful of the evangelical movement, its of its support for Israel. Granted I think they are waging a war against the Arab nations and supporting Israel just happens to make sense, but for someone to use it as another method of Jew bashing.

    Hmmm. Very interesting.

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