Jews From Arab Lands Seek Justice

When Israel was established in 1948, Arab regimes expelled many of their indigenous Jewish populations that had been living there for centuries. Of course not a popular topic, I mean Jews get kicked out of places all the time right? So the Jews lost property, valuables, and businesses. Well now, they want justice, legally of course.

An international conference promoting the rights of Jews from Arab lands, held in London, is intended to be the springboard for a worldwide campaign to highlight their plight.

The conference, held last Sunday and Monday, was attended by Jews from 14 nations across the globe.

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Organised by the World Organization for Jews from Arab Countries and Justice for Jews from Arab Countries, Jewish representatives from 14 nations met to create the steering committee for the International Campaign for Rights and Redress.

The conference was hosted by the Board of Deputies, the umbrella group of British Jewry.

The Jews from Arab lands were expelled or fled when Israel was created. They came from all Arab lands, eg Libya, Egypt, Syria, Morrocco, Algeria, Lebanon.