Jewlicious, The Temple Mount, and The Future Of Jerusalem on Foursquare

Can you phantom check-in and fool God?

Who is the mayor of the mount? Is it Ariela Ross, the one who on Foursquare is crowned the mayor? Or does the title — and the significant wealth, honor, prestige, and free fries— belong to a humble Jerusalem blogger named David Abitbol?

Here are some news articles recently published on this matter.

From the JPost:

For Ariela Ross, being the “mayor” of Al-Aksa Mosque and the Old City’s entire Muslim and Christian Quarters is quite natural – as these are the places where she spends much of her spare time….With 66 total “check-ins” as of Wednesday afternoon, Al-Aksa’s coveted mayorship currently remains in Ross’s hands through her own nine check-ins on the increasingly popular smartphone application called Foursquare, which allows users to tell their friends exactly where they are at any given time.

From the NY Media Observer:

She visited the mosque at the invitation of the mother of a Muslim boyfriend, a Bedouin Israeli, but she admitted that many of her check-ins were not strictly from within the mosque itself. “Usually I’m sitting right outside of it,” she said, “but I didn’t see any reason to create a new location” on Foursquare.

As for Abitbol, he frequents the Temple Mount because “it’s really pretty, the workmanship on the mosques is remarkable, the views are great and, most importantly, it is the holiest site in Judaism.”

While he would like to see the Jewish Temple rebuilt one day, he said, he expects the restoration to happen by divine intervention—”not by man.”

A few things I don’t get is how she can be called a nice Jewish girl in the article headline, [Disputed Territories: Nice Jewish Girl Claims Foursquare Mayorship of Temple Mount] and admit to dating a Muslim,  and admitting to phantom check-ins.

Jewlicious has posted many pictures of himself on the Temple Mount. If Ross is the true Mayor, wouldn’t it be right to have a

bunch of photos of her on the Temple Mount too? Our researchers looked through her Twitpic account and found none.

Which is why I am writing this whole piece to begin with.

Jewlicious aka David Abitbol is clearly the Foursquare Mayor of the Temple Mount fair and uhm, square. He takes pictures every time he is there. There are no secret visits, or check-in’s during non-Muslim hours.

Mayor Abitbol, I think it is time for your coronation.

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  1. 300 yrs in America
    300 yrs in America says:

    There will be 3rd Temple on the Mount.Ha Meshiach will build the final Temple after He defeats Israels enemies.so Messiah will actually build the 4th Temple.so the next temple will be built by the faithful of Yisrael.of course prophecy tells us that event will cause alot of problems.Baruch Haba B’shem Adonai.

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