Jewlicious Festival Gives Me Hope

Acharit Hayamim's music is a psychadelic reggea journey through psalms and chassidut.

Acharit Hayamim

Jason Lipeles blogging the Festival over on the Jewish Journal’s Bloggish:

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My adrenaline is still rushing, my heart is still pounding, and, most importantly, my mind is still racing after attending Jewlicious Festival 5.0 this past weekend. Not only did I dance at the Saturday night concert and sing along at the 45-minute Havdallah Jam, I also discussed environmental activism with passionate young people in an event called “Why We Give A Damn.” What a breath of fresh air!….

The blog ends with a quote from Abby, a student at Pomona College: “This is the first event I’ve been to where they successfully have had really religious people and totally, totally unobserving, secular Jews and it somehow works. It’s very impressive.”

He notes that “the Jewish community isn’t as fractured as I thought it was.”

Jewlicious Festival demonstrates that most young Jews are not interested in machlokes, they want Jewish unity, they want to find common ground, they want a Jewish future built on shared ideals and values.