Jewlicious Birthright Israel Is BACK

Israel is JewliciousSign up starts Feb. 19 and continues during Jewlicious Festival  – join us for the very best Birthright Experience around.

It’s been a while but we’re back! This summer, Jewlicious, along with Amazing Israel and Taglit Birthright Israel, is running two free trips to Israel. The first leaves out of Los Angeles on May 24 and the 2nd leaves out of New York on July 13. These are preliminary dates for now but each is a free 10-day trip to Israel that includes all the usual education, touring and sight seeing as well as a little extra dose of Vitamin J – each trip will be staffed by Jewlicious madrichim and the program will benefit from our contacts and uh… unique insights. Participants can expect to interact with diverse elements of Israeli society – Israeli music acts courtesy of the Israel Artist Agency, home hospitality for shabbat with funky Jewish families (seriously), a chat with eco-activists in the Negev, meetings with young writers and journalists, a tour of “underground” Jerusalem (it’s not just old rocks and rabbis!) and more – basically these are Israel trips for the inquisitive, those that want to have a good time, learn a thing or two and come back feeling that they’ve really seen the Israel you never get to see on TV or whatever. Stay tuned for further details and do note that registration begins February 19th! See the Amazing Israel and Taglit Birthright Israel Web sites for more details. Tell your friends, spread the word and hopefully, we’ll see ya in Israel this summer!

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