Jewish Traitor of the Year finds a Shidduch

An avowed enemy of the Jewish State, David Weiss, gets hugged by another avowed enemy of Israel, and this is news? The man that just can’t keep from being a Hillul Hashem, a disgrace to G-d and the Jewish People, David Weiss, made more headlines as he embraced a major muslim leader. While he was lovey dovey in New York, his brethren in London were having a much harder time of it, getting egged this week in Goulders Green.

The story has been spread around the world by the Associated Press, who have a knack of being anti-Israel.

I wish that they had circulated this following press release:

David Weiss Wins Jewish Traitor of the Year Award!

May 17th 2005

We are pleased this year to have such a clear choice for the Traitor of the Year. Known for his activities to defame Judaism, David Weiss travels around the USA claiming to be a representative of authentic Judaism, while speaking only for Muslim groups. He represents a tiny cult based in Jerusalem that have boasted claims of tens of thousands of members, yet, he has to work for Palestinians.

He neither speaks for Rabbis or Judaism. No one wants to be allies with David Weiss, not even the most ultra-orthodox of Jews (like Satmar) for his cooperation with people who kills Jews. So ignore his costume. He might dress like a Chasidic Jew from Hungary, but in fact he is nothing more than a character actor, or worse, a Jewish “Uncle-Tom,â€? doing the bidding of his masters, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the PLO.

His award reads:
Mr. David Weiss

For distinguished service to Jewish enemies, deliberately increasing the danger that constantly threatens the Jewish people, by spreading false accusations, bogus claims, lies, and propaganda. For voluntary dishonesty, deceitful conduct, and distortion, posing as a scholar and Rabbi while taking checks from Jew killers, and other activities leading to the deaths of innocent people all over the world.

Presented Tuesday, the Seventeenth of May, Two Thousand and five
University of California, Irvine.

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