Israel, Jews & the World: Spiritual Perspectives on Crisis

With recent events, there could not be a better time to take a break from our busy lives and step back to ask ourselves 'What is really going on in Israel?'.

Join us for an engaging discussion on spiritual themes related to current affairs, historical trends and mystical implications that will shed some light on the state of affairs in Israel today.

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  1. dorine falanai
    dorine falanai says:

    I think israel is facing a time where they had to think back to the making of their nation. Jews need to compare that time to the time now. What was changed? How did it change? We do not need to point fingers and blame who was and who did this? We need to come together in a way of finding peace within our own hearts and then moving outwards. Let’s not think of things that are physical structure because, it can be rebuilt. However, we need to mold our spiritual beings for that is the only thing our God will value of us. This world will be no meaning when our Lord comes again. We need to understand that all it was prophesized will be continuelly happenned whether we like it or not. We need to be strong and pray to God that our Leaders will do the right thing not for themselves but for our people and the whole human race.

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