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In harms way

soldiers praying

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150 deadly missiles aimed at population centers, hundreds of thousands of Israelis either internally displaced or hiding in shelters. That is just this past Shabbat. In order to root our the cause of the problem in Lebanon, Israel is gradually building a buffer zone, putting the lives of many young soldiers on the line, and sadly some have fallen.

And Israel warns each village and town with flyers and advertisements over the phone, telling them to pack up and move to a place where Hezbollah is not hiding.


have a remarkable people and an amazing country. We cannot expect the world to realize this, or to be sympathetic to our plight. That is everyone but the American Christian right, that understands that Israel is fighting the fight for freedom and against Islam. The Christian right, President Bush among them, have applauded Israel, prayed for Israel, supported Israel, more than even some of our own.

Makes one wonder the amazing ways of Hashem, the mysterious thing that is the world that we cannot understand, but only get the faintest glimpse of the plan.

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