How to get Jewish Property back in Poland, for those who want it

The association of former Poles in Israel has launched a public campaign against a bill to return private property to its owners that is now being discussed by the Polish parliament, charging that it grants de facto recognition to the Nazi regime’s Nuremberg laws

The Polish Sejm is discussing a law, finally, to reach a compensation deal with thsoe who lost property in WWII and afterwards by the communists. The situatin is very hard for Poland to deal with in part because everyone lost property. Either to Nazis or to the Communists after the war.

The Polish Jews in Israel are very upset about the new laws because it defacto recognizes that the Jewish property taken by the Nazis will never be returned.

The fight for justice here is very hard. First you have the problem that the Germans, who really should be paying for this, are already paying larges sums to the victims and other insitutions, in the form of war reparations. They feel they are doign enough. The Poles have no stro

ng leadership that can overcome the great prejudice against Jews in Poland still today. You can’t be a Polish Politician and seem to “bow” to the Polish Jewish Association in Israel. Its a political deathwish.

The issue of property should now go straight to the EU parliment and the Jewish claims should be addressed in the courts of the EU. This is the only hope for justice.

Jewish losses are perhaps 30billion, and no Polish Sejm, nor the Poep himself, are able to restore that to the Jewish people.