How can we Heal After the Holocaust?

Look at images on Google for the word Holocaust and feel the hole in your soul. It hurts. It’s silencing. The enormity and barbarism of the Holocaust are so unfathomable and have traumatized our entire people. This trauma manifests in so many ways both visible and invisible. Most what the Jewish community now is experiencing communally in Israel and around the world is a response to the Holocaust.


What can we do about it? How can/ Can we heal? What are the responses to the Holocaust? Here are some ideas, but no means exhaustive.

We need more light brought to the world through mitzvoth, more funding schools and shuls to teach our wisdom, values and heritage, more courage for Israel, more Prayers for Israel, more unity and chances for unity, more food for the hungry and shelter for the homeless, more dialogue, more involvement and engagement in societies problems, more prayer, more tzedakah, more Shabbat Tents, more Pico Shuls, more random acts of kindness and more love in our hearts, homes, and communities, more…