Holocaust Revival Day at Cal State Long Beach

I write this, cognizant that it may be passed on to other people who need to know what is happening on our college campuses. Therefore, I preface these remarks by underlining my qualifications for what I am about to say. As a person who studied the Holocaust for my Masters degree at Oxford University, who lived in Europe and interviewed the perpetrators, bystanders and victims for ten years, I am the last person to lightly us the word Nazi.

This year at Cal State Long Beach we didn’t need to watch any Holocaust films to relate to Holocaust Memorial Day. We didn’t need to transport ourselves back in time to pre-Holocaust Europe, and the rise of the Nazis to power.

Here we were treated, courtesy of the MSA, a student funded organization, to a lively and all-too-real Hitlerite, dressed in urban-shiek Islamic clothing.

During two speeches at Long Beach, “Zionism the American Disease,â€? and “The War On Terror,â€? respectively the highlights of MSA sponsored Palestinian Awareness Week, Abdel Malik Ali spent the afternoon scapegoating the entire Jewish people and blaming them for every conceivable world problem. Not to mention that we control the entire government, the Supreme Court the FBI and CIA. Hmmm. Ali’s entire note book was an adaptation from Julius Streicher’s newspaper, Der Sturmer (the attacker), where he denounces Jews in crude and vicious ways. Using lies, deception, intimidation, veiled threats, fear, fear, and more fear, he riles up the Muslim students into a frenzy of Jew and Israel hatred.

This present day Islamic Neo-Nazi (stating in no unc

ertain or ambiguous terms the racial superiority of black Americans over white Americans, and of Islam over all other religions) had the muslim students shouting Allah Hu Akbar, God Is Great, also the call used by homicide bombers as they press the button.

The entire world will fall to the dominion of Islam, said the speaker, it is happening around you and there is nothing you can do to stop us.

Pictures can be viewed at on BeachHillel.com

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