hizbollywoodPallywood created staged media events which worked wonders for the Pally cause. Now we have Hizbollywood, the manipulation of the media outlets to acheive Hizbollah aims. Amazingly, it is Anderson Cooper, Sexiest Man Alive and CNN reporter who has blown the cover on Hizbollywood.

NewsBusters reports:

Cooper expose

d for CNN viewers that the sight of speeding ambulances, sirens blaring, was just a phony play staged by Hezbollah: “One by one, they’ve been told to turn on their sirens and zoom off so that all the photographers here can get shots of ambulances rushing off to treat civilians….These ambulances aren’t responding to any new bombings. The sirens are strictly for effect.”

For the record… NPR is completely off the rocker and eats up Hizbollywood with a passion.