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Media juggernauts have no choice but to count on local “news journalists” for the money shots in this war. So it comes as no surprise that Hizbollah has created a cadre of “photojournalists” to give the gory-eye catching shots for sensation hunting world opinion machines. In walks Reuters photographer Adnan Hajj’s who gives us the Qana episode and the billowing smoke over Beirut. Not one mainstream media outlet has taken this story, perhaps because they count on such operatives themselves.

And now someone has sent a death threat to LGF!

The Story of the Beirut Arial Photo Massacre A Reuters photograph of smoke rising from buildings in Beirut has been withdrawn after coming under attack by American web logs. The blogs accused Reuters of distorting the photograph to include more smoke and damage.

The Story of

06/08/qana-directors-cut.html">Hizbollah Guys Abusing Children’s Corpses for Photo Ops As best we can, we have pieced together the jumble of evidence which surrounded the production of the iconic photographs which were published around the world, and put them in perspective.

The Story of How Hajj doctored the photos, and more!

More Hajj Photos That Incite Hatred of Jews and Israel
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