Hezbollah uses Christians as shields

Finally someone is talking about Hezbollah’s anti-Christian activity.

Report: Hezbollah’s Christian ‘shields’

WASHINGTON, August 3 (UPI) — A U.S. Christian group is accusing Hezbollah of using Christian villages in Lebanon to shield its military operations against Israel.

Christian Solidarity International said Wednesday in a news release that Hezbollah, a Shia Muslim group supported by Iran, is southern Lebanese Christian villages, such as Ain Ebel, Rmeish, Alma Alshaab and others are being used by Hezbollah terrorists for launching missile attacks.

“Hezbollah is repeating the same pattern that it practiced against Israel in 1996,” says former South Lebanese Army commander, Col. Charbel Barkat. “Hezbollah is hiding among civilian populations and launching attacks behind human shields.”

A Christian from the village of Ain Ebel, who is nameless because he fears retribution by Hezbollah, discovered Hezbollah guerillas were setting up a launcher to fire Katyusha rockets from the rooftop of his home. Ignoring his pleas to stop, they fired the missiles. He immediately gathered his family and fled home, which indeed was bombed and destroyed 15 minutes later by an Israeli air strike.

In addition to having their homes commandeered for launching He

zbollah’s attacks, there have been attempts to obstruct Christians from fleeing their villages. On Saturday, July 28, Hezbollah fighters fired upon Christians fleeing Rmeish with their families, wounding two, according to Christian sources in south Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Sami El-Khoury, president of the World Maronite Union, says that reports on Christian support for Hezbollah are misleading.

“Contrary to Western press reports, indicating high percentages of Christian support for Hezbollah, 90 percent of Christians, 80 percent of Sunni and 40 percent of Shiites in Lebanon oppose Hezbollah,” says El-Khoury.