Hezbollah Museums up in smoke

In addition to hundreds of military targets, the Israeli army has also been targeting the symbols and particular evil that is Hezbollah. The Jpost reported: The IAF has also been destroying monuments and symbols in southern Lebanon, for example, a museum that glorified the ‘expulsion of the Jews’.

I did some research and it seems that there are two main Hezbollah museums. One of the them a “Islamic Resistance Museum” or “Hezbollah Museum” that is in the Bekaa valley town of Baalbek, originally named after the Phoenician god Baal. It has become the stronghold of Hezbollah in the Bekaa Valley. This museum according to several blogs I read, glorifies the murder and death of Israelis and Jews.

Hezbollah’s Museum of Lebanese Resistance is in the parking lot out front. Paul and I dip inside to check out diorama displays of blood-soaked Israeli and American flags and cases full of weapons and other military equipment stripped from the bodies of Israeli soldiers. ….I view the diaries and personal effects of Hezbollah suicide bombers and machine gun attackers. A video of bomb attacks plays in the corner…. (Daniel Chamberlain)
The second “museum” and of course I use this term very tentatively, is located in the Khiam prison in southern Lebanon, well captured in this piece from Slate. This infamous prison was used by the South Lebanese Army, a militia that Israel helped establish.
Perhaps if someone knows of other such museums we can compile a belated Hezbollah travel site.
This New Yorker article from a few years ago is a frightening look at

Hezbollah’s capabilities and propoganda.

But the real story behind Hezbollah is Iran. Iran is the spiritual and matierial patron of everything Hezbollah. Iran is bent on creating a permanent museum for the expulsion of the Jews: Palestine Edition, and using Hezbollah to get the ball rolling. Only days before the Hezbollah attack, Iran called for Israel to be wiped of the map, yet again.

I am not an alarmist, and I don’t believe that Israel’s destruction is near. But that does not mean that Israel is safe from harms way. Until Iran’s maniacal madman is brought under control, US forces in Iraq, Israeli civilians, Western democracies and others will continue to pay the price.

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