Helping To Clear A Good Man’s Name

After seeing the Mohel With Herpes strories in the press, I knew I had to act. JMERICA.COM editors I contacted recently published an article to help spread good news. The Rabbi in question is innocent of wrongdoing.

Mohel Seeks To Clear His Name And Profession

The mohel accused of infecting three male infants with herpes after performing the obscure circumcision ritual of metzizah b’peh is NOT a carrier of the herpes virus, according to the esteemed Rabbi Yonah Bookstein of, and therefore could not have passed on the disease to the babies.

Rabbi Yonah writes in an e-mail received yesterday that his colleague, Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer, was tested while under investigation by the DA and given the clean bill of health, but as of yet no media outlets (save our humble operation) have picked up the story. According to Rabbi Yonah, the mohel’s professional and personal life ha

s been nearly destroyed by the claims that he carries the virus responsible for killing one of the infants and will obviously have a difficult time setting the record straight after such sensational attention.

Says Rabbi Yonah: I have known Rabbi Fischer since 1993. He is one of the most careful, and hygienic mohelim I have ever seen in my life. I trusted him with my son’s bris two years ago.

He also points out that the risk of complications from hospital circumcisions is much higher that those performed by a mohel. He encourages anyone to contact him with questions regarding Rabbi Fischer’s case.
How the babies contracted herpes remains a mystery.