June 22, 2007
Dear Friends,

I am not writing about the latest cool Jewish programs that we are doing or anti-Israel activity on campus. Today I am writing for a special mitzvah…
I need your help to make a wedding for a poor bride/kallah and groom/chatan who are very special souls. The wedding is next week in Israel, and they don’t have enough money. It’s the saddest and happiest story. Sad because they really have no one to help, and happy because they have such beautiful faith in G-d and want to build a Jewish family in Israel.
Supporting a poor bride brings healing to those who are ill, and help for those in need of a match/shidduch!
Please help me in this huge mitzvah, and read their story below.

Please PAYPAL your contributions to this worthy cause to: donations@mazaltovfund.com

I have personally verified this story and spoken with their Rabbis.

Dear Rabbi Yonah,
    Hello! My name is Deborah* and Baruch Hashem, I am a kallah! I am getting married IM”YH in a week and two days. It is very hard for me financially to fund my own wedding. My mother lives in Chicago* and is in a very tough financial situation. On Shabbas she sleeps in her car so she can walk to shul. She is on the verge of bankruptcy and has no means in which to help me.
    My father is completely against the wedding. He doesn’t understand that I have found my soulmate, why I want to live in Israel, why I have chosen a more spiritual life and future. He won’t give a dollar.
My chatan’s family are in a lot of debt , they are an older couple and it is tough for them as well to help us. They want to help, but just have no way.
    We cannot put off getting married any longer. We are looking for all the help we can get. We found the cheapest hall to do it in. We still need money for food, and a band. We are borrowing the money to do everything and it is all very tough. If there is any way which you can help, even for after the wedding to pay of the loans, that would be the biggest blessing for us.
    We are trying to get everything done a.s.a.p. with Hashem’s Help. Thanks for everything . Hopefully we can everything done . Everything is through faith.

*Names changed for privacy

Thank you for taking the time to read this story. I have spoken with their Rabbis and verified their story. Please help me bring joy to life and support this couple. Everything you send to the Mazal Tov Fund will be sent directly to them but is not tax deductible.


Rabbi Yonah Bookstein

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