Give with all your heart

After the completion of the Holy Tabernacle in the desert, Hashem tells Moshe “V’shochanti b’sochom” – I will dwell among you.  Hashem’s presence will be ever-present, and felt. Rabbi Shlomo of Radomsk in Tiferes Shlomo comments, “I will rest in the hearts of those who donate for the Mishkon [Tabernacle] with a full heart.â€? What does it mean to give with a full heart?

It is so hard today to believe in anything with a full heart.  We live in a world where cynicism and selfishness surround us.  We believe, but then again, we don’t entirely believe. We want to give, but we also want for ourselves.

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Perhaps this is one of our problems with love.  It is so hard to give, when I am not entirely sure that I believe in the love, I have doubts, I am insecure.  I hold back.

When I give with my entire heart to another, my heart is filled with love. Want to experience Hashem? Give with all  your heart, no holding back. Then the Shechina has a place to rest, in our hearts and in our lives. Gut Shabbos