From Southern California Student to Homegrown Al Queda Jihadist

During the last year we watched dozens of Southern California Muslims students become radicalized under the guidance of radical imams. Some of these so-called religious leaders are African American converts, and some are middle-east born. And while very few administrators take this problem to be serious, they should. ABC news has just released this video of Adam, the American Al Queda Posterchild.

American intelligence officials believe the man who appears on the tape to be Adam Gadahn of Orange County, Calif. . . .Only a few years ago, Gadahn was a Southern California teenager with interests in the environment, the Los Angeles Dodgers and heavy metal music. . . . His family says he converted to Islam at an Orange County mosque. There, officials say, Gadahn came under the influence of militants who took him to Pakistan. Officials believe Gadahn is hiding in Pakistan with an Afghan wife.


Of course this is just one guy, so like, what is the big deal?

The Big Deal is that Adam is a phenomenon that radical Islamic preachers have been working on for years. Abdel Malik Ali, just to pick a well known personality, has been plying the campuses of California, hoping to make more people in his own image: Radical, anti-Semitic, anti-American, and homegrown.

Hopefully, Adam’s lesson will be a lesson for all high-school and university presidents, that their students are prime targets in the Jihad of the Tongue.