Foward 50

I deplaned at LAX late Wednesday night, to an IM from my friend Shawn Landres congratulating me on being in the Forward 50. Wow, a great surprise.

The Forward 50 began 15 years ago, the brain-child of Seth Lipsky, founding editor of the English Forward, who went in search “of the men and women who are leading the American Jewish community into the 21st century.” …

In the decade and a half since, the dramatic shift in Jewish leadership mirrors lar

ger trends in our society. Just as we no longer go one place for our news, we no longer look to only one powerful person in a position of authority for leadership. This year, in particular, we’ve seen some of the most established organizations questioned from the outside and challenged from within, while those who are creating and innovating seem to have history’s wind at their backs.

Click here to read the article which is mostly accurate!

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