Festival Torah Project

festival_torah_project_webJConnect and Jewlicious run programs throughout the year that require a Sefer Torah.

In the past, we have had to beg, borrow, and pray, that we could find a Torah for these events. In fact last time, we were only able to borrow a Torah from an individual Torah Collector.

This is not because people are not generous — it is that very few Temples or Synagogues want their Torah to be used on it the wilderness, in a tent, amid tens of thousands of festival goers.

So we decided we would write a Torah sepcifically that can be used all over the country, and right here in LA. We will create a travelling Aaron/Ark that will be waterproof. We are commissioning several Torah Mantles – one that will be waterproof and made from the toughest materials.

There is a mitzvah that everyone should write a Sefer Torah in their lifetime. It is the last Mitzvah in the Torah.

By writting one word, one paragraph, one parsha – you are helping to fulfill a mitzvah and being part of a very important campaign.

This brand new Sefer Torah will be used at Shabbat Tent, Jewlicious Festivals, Camp Jewlicious, JConnectLA High Holiday programs, and retreats!

We hope to finish this by May 18th, the Jewish Festival of Shavuot!

Contact me for more details and to ask any quesition.

*All donations are tax deductible.

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