Eat in a sukkah

Sukkos is coming, sukkos is coming!  Briefly, we try to eat every serious meal over the Holiday in a Sukkah for seven days, starting on this Friday night. Why? Well, without getting into the details, its all about God, divine shelter, the desert, kabbalah, and nature.  If you have never tried to eat every meal in the sukkah, don’t try it all at once, take each day at a time. We don’t want any accidents.


Sukkos is an outdoor lovers holy day, and you can try to eat ONLY in the sukkah if you want.

If you are Jewish student looking for a place to EAT meals in a sukkah and with home-cooked food, please get in touch with us.  We have families in Irvine, Long Beach, and Los Angeles that would love to host students for a meal or many.
Just send us an email and we will forward the information on.