Did Khalid Sheik Mohammed murder Daniel Pearl?

danielpearl.jpgAccording to his testimony, Bin Laden’s 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed, slaughtered Jewish American journalist Daniel Pearl in cold blood. Why this has only come to our attention now, and why the CIA and FBI kept this information to themselves sheds light on the incompetent way in which our administration is dealing with suspects it captures in the war on terror. Mohammed was handed over to the Americans after they threatened Musharaf. Pakistan had been playing both sides of the game, and Bush needed some proof that while he may be in bed with some grisly characters, at least they deliver.

In 2002 (that is five years ago) in Pakistan, some others were arrested and charged with this crime:

Three suspects were caught after the e-mail addresses that sent the ransom e-mail were traced by the FBI.

On March 21, 2002, in Pakistan, British-born Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh and three other suspects were charged with murder for their part in the kidnapping and execution of Daniel Pearl. They were convicted on July 15, 2002 and Sheikh was sentenced to death. During the trial, Sheikh, the mastermind of the kidnapping, told investigators he had kidnapped Pearl to “strike a blow at the United States and embarrass the Pakistani government.” Another of the suspects said Pearl had been targeted “because he was a Jew working against Islam.”

Meanwhile, Moh

ammed has taken credit for this and everything else. He is quoted as saying to American interrogators:

“I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew, Daniel Pearl, in the city of Karachi, Pakistan,” Mohammed is quoted as saying in a transcript of a military hearing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, that was released Thursday by the Pentagon.


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  1. Akhad Pratap Singh
    Akhad Pratap Singh says:

    These paki bastards are real roots of all this problem. US Should have bombed pakistan instead of afganistan. All the culprits of Daniel case should be given even more painful end …. burnt alive. They are actully cawards…. you can see in videos that they cover their faces while dooing all this. it shows the real man in them. Shame on you bastards… you pakis

  2. Akhad Pratap Singh
    Akhad Pratap Singh says:

    My uncle was major in indian army who faught 1971 war. He told us that these muslims are so cawards that they used to run leaving their weapons behing in hand to hand battles near Dhaka. This is the real reason why they surrendered there. If they are real muslins of so called allah then they should have died faightinh indian forces in bangladesh and did not surrender like cawards.

  3. Shazeena
    Shazeena says:

    You should not blame all muslims.. Ur wrong to do so. Not all muslims are the same. Islam is a religion of peace but these BASTARDS who think they are killing in the name of Islam have ruined our religion. Our religion says to protect and save innocent lives.

    These stupid fucking assholes who think they know it all, have gone out of their way to kill innocent men such as Daniel Pearl. It makes me sick to know these ppl call themselves muslims.. Because they are NOT muslims. That is not what a muslim does.

    It makes me sick I swear. When I heard and read abt Daniel Pearl, I was furiated. What must that poor man have gone through, and what are others going through? At the hands of these uneducated fuckers who slaughter men like animals.

    Its sick, shamefull and disgusting. THEY deserved to be bombed. They shame Pakistan and they shame Islam..

    I know we have different religions, and thats ok. U have ur place and I have mine. But we believe in the same things.. We have the same morals. And this shit is morally wrong. No these men are not muslims! They are terrorists and terrorism has no religion..

  4. Muslim and proud
    Muslim and proud says:

    You are on the right of Muslims are not terrorists but the terrorists who kill children. Are the ones who know young boys who do not infringe the 10 years how to use weapons to kill Arabs. Are the ones who do the crimes and deny always … They are also those who eclipsed their land of God and everyone has freedom of expression

  5. Brooklyn
    Brooklyn says:

    Hello all. Just wanted to chime in real quick. These deluded twisted militant jamooks ignore one of the major focal points of Islam which surrounds peace. Im not Muslim and do not practice Islam however I know plenty who do and they pride themselves on the aspect of peace. Some people are just so radical and when you’re already evil and a sociopath hell bent on destruction and you combine that with twisted and delusional ideas of what it is you’re reading, shit like this can be the result. Being a Sept 11 suvivor myself I have been obsessed with that morning and have did some scouring research regarding that morning but I will keep that to myself as it tends to either appease people or upset them. I have had heated arguements with some people who basically share the same views as these murderers and they dont even realize just how radical and demented they are. Its really very frightening to know just how many exist and frolick amongst us.

    Take care and be kind to another one……

  6. Brooklyn
    Brooklyn says:

    perhaps my choice of the word “pride” in my first post was not the best way to phrase it….

  7. Brooklyn
    Brooklyn says:

    Whoops…..I meant “be kind to each other”……..sheesh……errors all over the place today.

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