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“Demographic Propoganda,” the latest incarnation of “Jihad of the Tounge”

One of the claims that has been repeated consistently by a leading member of Muslims Student Association of Long Beach State, parroting the conspiratorial, anti-Semitic cleric Abdel Malik Ali, is that “Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States.”? [We have this on videotape.]

This statement is false on all accounts. Yet, it helps provide insight into the MSA, their proselytizing agenda, and is a form of “demographic propaganda”,? the “Jihad of the tongue? that they often refer to. By getting Americans to think that Muslims in America are a major political and religious force, they inflate their power.

According the American Religious Identity Survey 2001 (ARIS), the fastest five growing major religions in the USA are: Sikhism (+338%), Hinduism (+237%), Baha’i (+200%), Buddhism (+170%), Native American Religion (+119%).

While Islam is growing, at 109% according to the ARIS study, it remains 0.5% of the American population. Judaism is 1.3%. There are as many Buddhists as there are Muslims, 1.5 million.

The most significant statistic for me was the number of Americans that classify themselves as secular, 13.2%, which is an increase of 110%.

Hinduism, which had about 1 million adherents in 2001, and a rate of increase of 237% between 1990 and 2000, are poised to make a huge increase in the USA. Go India!

So why are the MSA and Ali telling lies? In order to intimidate you and scare you and get you to do th

ings their way. In order for you to think that there is something great about Islam that people are lining up to join it. To get you to shut-up, feel stupid, and submit to their will.

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The following note says it all:

ADDITIONAL NOTES:In recent years Muslim leaders in the United States have optimistically estimated that there were approximately 6.5 million Muslims in the country (Aly Abuzaakouk, American Muslim Council, 1999). In 1998 a Pakistani newspaper even reported that there were 12 million Muslims in the United States (4.2% of the total population)! After the events of September 11, 2001, many newspaper accounts included an estimate of 8 million American Muslims. This would equate to 3% of the U.S. population, or roughly 1 in every 33 people in the country. No comparable figure has ever been confirmed by independent research similar to the Kosmin or Glenmary studies, or the Gallup, Harris, Pew, Barna polls. Currently, surveys consistently report less than 1% of people surveyed identify themselves as Muslims. Muslim community leaders say that many American Muslims are relatively recent immigrants who either do not have telephone service, do not participate in surveys or are afraid to identify themselves as Muslims for fear of anti-Muslim discrimination. Researchers generally agree that the estimate of 300,000 Muslims in the Kosmin study (1990) and Kosmin’s adjusted estimate (to 500,000) are too small to reflect current (year 2005) numbers of American Muslims. In 2004 the National Study of Youth and Religion conducted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (sample size: 3,370 teens nationwide) found that less than one half of one percent (0.5%) of American teens were Muslim, a proportion right in line with the adult Muslim population, based on other studies. Tom W. Smith of the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago is a nationally recognized expert in survey research specializing in the study of social change and survey methodology. Smith published “Estimating the Muslim Population in the United States” in 2001. This is probably the most thorough academic study of this topic in recent years. This study concluded: “The best, adjusted, survey-based estimates put the adult Muslim population in 2000 at 0.67 percent or 1,401,000, and the total Muslim population at 1,886,000. Even if high-side estimates based on local surveys, figures from mosques, and ancestry and immigration statistics are given more weight than the survey-based numbers, it is hard to accept estimates that Muslims are greater than 1 percent of the population (2,090,000 adults or 2,814,000 total).”

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