De Ja Maradona

Messi is like Maradona 

MADRID, Spain – FC Barcelona forward Lionel Messi has drawn further comparisons with Diego Maradona by scoring a a near replica of one of the former Argentina captain’s most famous goals.

On Wednesday, Messi emulated Maradona’s winner against England in the 1986 World Cup quarterfinals in scoring Barcelona’s second goal in a 5-2 win over Geta

fe in the Copa del Rey semifinals.

My fascination with Football began when I was living in Oxford and spent an evening hanging out with Diego Maradona.   We couldn’t talk about anything without an interpreter, but he was a force of nature, a man that kept the world’s attention  for years.   It had once seeme

d like a sport hardly worth getting excited about.  Then I began to understand the sport, the intensity, and the important role in played culturally.

Last summer Ezra and I were in London attending Rabbi Mati Kos’s wedding, and we caught the finals of th World Cup.  It was fantastic football.

Notice: No tattoos, grills, or obscene gestures on the field here.  There remains an amazing sportsmanship.  The fans are a different story.

Baseball, though, is still king.

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