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  1. I wanted to pass on that Shmaltz Brewing ( of San Francisco, makers of He’Brew, the Chosen Beer, is celebrating their tenth anniversary with two new releases — Genesis 10:10 Anniversary Ale and Bittersweet Lenny’s, a rye [pun] beer dedicated to Lenny Bruce.

    It’s not just a gimmick, these beers are delicious, Kosher and have won several prestigious tasting competitions.

    They have a YouTube site with two hysterical videos (commercials) @ , and a MySpace joint @

    Thought they deserve a mention.

    I am just a beer lover and a He’Brew fan, not a PR person, by the way.

    Shana Tova!

    SpaceBrother Number One

  2. I am in search of Information about who can help me return to my Jewish organ more specifically who can help me do things I need to do to get my Israeli citizenship. Best as I can tell many of my ancestors left Judaism back in Europe over 500 years ago and some more than a 1000 years back, but I have found some who change their names here in America. I have done researched into my families and studied Hebrew and found that many of my family names are Hebrew names. My oldest living relative my grandmother is 95 and she either does not now about our Jewish connection or does not what to talk about it. I first learned of this around 7 years ago and I have worked on my own for the most part in live and learning to be Jewish, I have not got much help from most Rabbis that I have called to and most synagogues have not been very helpful in my desire to return to my Jewish origin. I am going to do this; this is what I wait more than anything in life. Plain and simple I was born into a gentile world living a gentile life and I want to die a Jew and be barred in my homeland of Israel. I just need to find a Rabbi willing to help me to do this, I what to do it right and according to Jewish Law!

  3. Yea, I guess we’ll see about that. I’m not too convinced.

  4. Dear Rabbi Yonah

    Thanks for Jihad Idol.

    I may not be Jewish, but I for one won’t stand by and let the mad Jihadis do to the Jewish people what the Nazi’s and Palestinian Nazi’s did during World War Two.

    Kind regards


  5. GOD BLESS YOU RABBI YOHAN!!!!!Not of Jewish heritage but love what you are doing..(Irish Catholic) GOOD for you!!!!Cannot abide the Islam religion and its radicals trying to force Sharia Law on everyone else…NOT IN MY BACKYARD!!!!!God IS blessing you as we speak….P S…..I saw your video on the website Little Green Footballs

  6. yonah is Fantastic


  7. very nice blog and I REALLY like the clwon stiff on Mr. David wies HAHAHAHA that was GOOD..

  8. Just some spelling corrections for the home page, to make it look nicer:
    “Each line can be discected”: dissected
    “Hilary” : Hillary
    “you can here supporters of the Festival say”: hear


    All the changes were made!

  10. shalom reb yonah…
    it’s akiva here…i don’t know the best way to be in touch with you…i sent an e-mail to one of your addresses…don’t know if you got it…if you could be in touch with me through i wanted to discuss something with you…

    thanks a lot and may you be blessed to continue to your awesome holy work…


  11. I wanted to share that Matisyahu will be appearing on “Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly” on PBS this weekend (Dec. 11-13, check local listings). You can also go online to see the profile story at Hope you can tune in!

  12. Dear Rabbi,
    My paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Kos, I know from trying to learn Hebrew that kos in Hebrew is glass. My grandmother’s father was German. Do you think my grandmother was of Jewish ancesrty?


    copy and paste this link, it has been circulating aroung the internet. Someone is trying to sell proof that google is racist. Look at the password reset, I dont see how this could be coincidental.

  14. I stumbled upon this site after looking for old pics of the troubles in Northern Ireland. I almost choked after reading the view expressed in the comparison between the Provisional IRA and whoever is responsible for blowing up things/people in Israel. The comparison is daft, but for an ignoramus, maybe understandable. But the real odd part is that it is assumed that the Provos had run out of steam and simply settled for “peace” Really?? You obviously didnt reside in England throughout the 70’s, 80’s and the early 90’s. The British had tried, mercifuly, for over 30 years to come to terms with this cell structured ultra-clandestine army of highly skilled killers. Already responsible for the killing of thousands since their 30 year history, the Provisional IRA begun a different approach in the early 90’s to their campaign. They began concentrating their efforts on economic targets in the U.K. (well, the English part of it anyway…) The Canry Wharf (Docklands) bombing alone cost U.K. insurers over 250.000.000 U.K. pounds in damage and millions more in loss of revenue through trading etc, some buildings had to be later pulled down and rebuilt costing further millions of cost to the banks. The banks, many international, ordered the U.K. government to do whatever they could to bring this chaos to an end or else they were pulling out of the U.K. You see, what eventually brought Sinn Fein and other pro-republican and nationalist groups to be now sitting in government, and making legislation, was economics. The Provisional IRA couldnt engage with battalions of the British Army. The principle of that would be daft and suicidal. But the British Army, and indeed, the establishment, couldnt defeat the Provisional IRA. How can you defeat an army when there is permanent reason for recruitment? The British/Loyalist people of the North had occupied a legitemate, but foreign land. By doing so, they themselves the actual “terrorists” for that is the accurate definition. Read it in an English dictionary. The English came but they were met with fierce resistance, they came for blood but were murdred by their own weapons. They engaged the Provos, just like they did with the old IRA almost a century ago, but somwehere the UK became vulnerable through economics, London is the hub and banking is the king. On another note. To every other nation (forget the US, they are to misinformed as a whole and are muslim-phobic because of recent attrocities commited there, seem to have a helluva lot of highly influental Jewish people with influence in high places etc…i dont need to go on here..) But to every other nation in the world, including England, The state of Israel is an international disgrace and has been since its existence…which came about how exactly?? Who exactly were those “freedom fighters” who blew up the King David hotel, killing many British servicemen and their families a few decades back?? Hypocrasy seems to be in-built in the typical Israeli it would seem. Dont give me that biblical nonsense either, if there really was a God then Israel wouldnt exist in its murderous present state which basically hangs on the coat-tails of the US and would be bankrupt were it not for its creepy US reliance. I am no anti-semite, in fact I honestly cannot stand religious people, religion is the cause of too much world conflict and death. It’s not worth it.

  15. Amazingly inspiring report from ESPN on Yuri Foreman, World Champion Boxer and rabbinical student.

    Yuri Foreman is the undefeated WBA Super-Welterweight champion of the world and Israel’s first world boxing champion.

    On June 5th he will be fighting three time world champion Miguel Cotto in the first fight in the new Yankee Stadium, The fight will be broadcasted live on HBO, beginning at 10:15 p.m. ET / 7:15 p.m. PT.

    Tickets for the fight start at only $50 get all the information and RSVP here:

  16. Rabbi Yonah,

    I found an image on your website that I would like to use on one of mine. We are publishing a series of children’s books for the Christian market and are including historical, social, and cultural factlets from the period. Looking for an image relating to circumcision that is valuable for children and adults is challenging enough, but we’re having trouble finding suitable images. We came across and it is a wonderful image showing the joy surrounding the ritual. We would appreciate your permission to use it (only online, not in print). The website is in development but available on the Web. If you would send me an email, I’ll gladly point you to the location where we would like to use the image.

    Thank You

  17. I was interested to see that your plans were to commission several Torah Mantles – one that will be waterproof and made from the toughest materials. I’d like to make a couple for our synagogue that will be waterproof. What materials are you using?

  18. Hi there, Rabbi!

    Thank you for writing such a beautiful article on Occupy LA. Btw that’s my head and sign (The Street is Our Lobby) in the picture. I’m happy it’s in your article. It helped me learn something valuable about the true meaning of tents and a little about Judaism as well. Shalom to you, and may you write many more articles like this one.


  19. SHALOM, Dear Brother in Yahweh,

    Greetings to you in Yahweh and Yahshua’s name the true and only God, the creator of this universe.

    I would like to introduce to you of my self that I am a Yahweh working in the slum and remote areas. These people very poor, illiterates and uncivilized. Also they are idol worshipers. Around me these are all Sunday worshipers and so they don’t like me and so they want to spoil my work. They are creating some kind of troubles to stop Yahweh’s work. They are all Satan’s children. Satan is a liar, deceived and an accusatory. But station is defeated. Satan is conquered. Satan has no place to hide. So Yahweh is helping me to reach the unreached and preach about the creator and Sabbath and the Ten Commandments. Sunday worshipers are not preaching about the Sabbath, commandment to be observed throughout the ages. But sorry to say and about the Ten Commandments. Among these people I am only the one who Preach about Yahweh. I am undergoing many difficulties with the Sunday worshipers. But Yahweh is miraculously saving my life from the tricks played by them I am conducting Sabbath every Saturday. Also I am teaching the Ten Commandments to the idol worshipers and how to pray, read the Bible and to sing. Weekly night meetings are conducted regularly. I am visiting to house and village to village to preach about Yahweh and Yahshua Messiah. What ever may happen I made up may mind to follow Yahshua Messiah who died for my sins and saved me from the bondage of sin.

    Besides Yahweh ministry I am looking after orphans who are helpless. These are from various villages. There are 25 orphans under my care. So please pray for them at the time of your dining table. These are praying for your good health and long life.. Yahshua messiahs have said Suffer not the children for theirs is the kingdom of Yahweh”. Some other time when his disciples have asked him who will be the great among them, He answered” those who had the mind and heart of a child”. So I request you to kindly pray for these orphans and help financially to which act of kindness I shall be grateful to you.

    We are all Praying for you and your good family. Please remember the children and Yahweh ministry in this are to be blessed and strengthened. I am awaiting your early and favorable reply.

    Your Brother in Yahweh
    Elder Joseph S. Adapu,
    Assembly of Yahweh,
    Konithiwada – 534 240,
    W.G.Dt., A.P., S.India.

  20. Serena Snyder

    Hi Rabbi Yonah,

    I’d like to learn more about Kabbalah. I’ve listened to your podcasts and read a bit of the blog posts. What you say and write resignates with me. There are so many books etc. I’m looking for the real deal. Do you have any suggestions for me?
    I’m in Los Angeles (Agoura).
    Thank you!

  21. Shalom Rav. Thank You for leaving Golder’s Green and coming to tar-pit land LOL. You are a wonder! Kadimah! Kol Tov, P

  22. Rabbi,

    After reading your article about Mirembe Kawomera in “Jewlicious” from 2007, you may be interested to learn that the cooperative has a new album coming out: “Delicious Peace: Coffee, Music & Interfaith Harmony in Uganda”

    Email me if you would like more information – VertS [at] si [dot] edu

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