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me and rachelAs we recover from the weekend, but really from the entire month, it has been a sweet and wonderful prize to read these comments on my MySpace profile.  To see how this  Jewlicious Festival for Students and Grads could positively enhance the Jewish barometer of so many students…Wow, this is what it is all about. This is what we have been working for since last yaer.  And without the students, this would not have worked.  We can all get together in a room, and that will not be Jewlicious.  This event requires participation and involvement from so many to make it a beacon of Jewish pride and unity.

I mean, you rock! Rabbi, thanks for a truly amazing weekend! You have added to my life a great new experience with many great Jews… Jewish friends from my past, my friends from today, and many new Jews that I never met before. All your performances on the stage, in the program room, and at the head of the table were just phenomenal. Your support team was awesome and made the whole weekend glorious! Thanks for making Jewlicious was a spectacular hit, I know that everyone in attendance loved it! I’m really excited to promo for the next one 😉 Until then I will be wearing my Jewlicious jacket with pride! keep in touch. – Joshua

I wanted to say thank you to you and Rachel for all the hard work and planning that went into jewlicious, it truly was the best weekend. i’m already psyched for next year. – Jessica

Just wanted to say thank you i had a wonderful time it was awsome!~ Anon

Hey Rabbi…i just wanted to Thank you , your wife and the rest of the Jewlicious crew for putting all the hard work and effort in making this the best shabbat/weekend I ever had..i

t was a wonderful event that brought Jews from all over California together…can’t wait for the upcoming events…. all the best. —Tali

Rabbi–this weekend was incredible! Thanks for putting it together and organizing Jewlicious–I had so much fun and everyday was filled with something new to learn. Thanks for the opportunity… I hope you are now well rested!—C.

Thanks for all your hard work this weekend. Every part of it was moving and allowed me to connect with my Jewish peers. —linda

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