College Night Shabbat Dinner – Torah and Chulent with Rav Shmuel

Hang Out With Rav Shmuel, college students, insanely delicious food!

Calling all College Students and recent grads for a very special Shabbat dinner followed by a pre-Jewlicious Festival session of Chulent and Torah w/Rav Shmuel.

WHERE: Pico-Robertson Area. RSVP for address.

WHEN: Friday, Jan 8 @6:30pm. Cholent & Torah Tisch with Rav Shmuel @ 9pm.

COST: $25 for dinner. FREE for Students

Click the link below to RSVP:


Rav Shmuel is a rabbi who hangs out in Greenwich Village and plays original compositions on his guitar. He has a beard and sidelocks and he loves The Dead. He does not see an inconsistency between these two identities. Rather, he thinks of Judaism and music as complementary and often coalescing tools and methods for communication (blah blah blah).

Born in Brooklyn, Rav spent seven years in Jerusalem teaching by day and playing in the clubs at night before moving

back to New York in 2001. Typing “Open Mike Night New York” into Google pointed Rav to the notorious Antihoot held in the East Village’s landmark venue The Sidewalk Cafe. He quickly became a house favorite on a scene that has produced such stars as Beck, Hamell On Trial, The Moldy Peaches and, most recently, Regina Spektor. Within months he moved up to being a headlining weekend act.

Rav Shmuel has rocked Jewlicious Festival for four years with music and torah. He also was one of the founders of Shabbat Tent!

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