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  1. Shalom.
    The other day there was a polemic in teh Bet Midrash, a person made the comentary that God is Great and awsome, but he is not Perfect because in his statement of Genesis: He repented that he had created man, I answer them, Adonay knew everything since the biginning, as it is said, he made man Perfect, man is the one who choosed the wrong way.
    In Job 37:16 says: The wondrous works of him which is perfect in Knowledge, the whole universe must relie on a perfect Being, If God is not perfect for a milimeter, the Univerde would be a complete chaos.
    What do you think about this matter.
    Thanks Yom Tov.

  2. I remember that you were studying Gemara with Mike and Derek. Are you up for a little Gemara over the summer? Maybe Kedushin or Chullin?

  3. Very cool!

    One posting every three years.

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