Chutzpah of a Murderer

As The Parsha Goes, So Goes The Week

This famous statement means that world events often mirror events in the Torah Portion of the week. Sometimes subtly, and sometimes gratingly obvious, the parsha never fails.
As the world’s eye is upon a military hospital in France, and reporters scramble to tell the inside story of a wicked man’s fate, it appears that he remains connected to life support for lack of a place to bury him.

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“Arafat’s family always has wanted him to be buried in Jerusalem, but Israeli officials have said they would not allow that. There is some discussion about Arafat being buried in Egypt.â€? (from CNN)

Imagine the irony and the chutzpah. Abraham, the tzaddik, the most righteous man who brought monotheism to the planet, who brought morality. The Father of the three great religions. Abraham BUYS his burial plot. This murderer thinks that he somehow deserves it. Somehow that it is his right. This says so much. He has siphoned billions from his starving people and he doesn’t even have what it takes to buy a burial plot.