Chronicle of Kashrut Vol. 2


February 22, 2007

Starbucks Coffee Liqueurs

Brands: Starbucks  
Products: Coffee Liqueurs
Issue: Although the OU symbol is not yet on the bottles, please be advised that these products are certified as follows:StarbucksTM Coffee Liqueur is
OU, Kosher and Parve.
StarbucksTM Cream Liqueur is OU-D, Kosher and Dairy.

This just in from the OU, although it could have come from the Coffee Addicts Society: Starbucks Coffee Liqueur is OU Pareve. Although not all the bottles have this designation written on it.  The Cream Liqueur is OU-Dairy, so its a no-no for Shabbat and anytime after breakfast.

Now Godiva does not have the market cornered on good pareve liqueur you can serve after a delicious Shabbat Dinner. Unless you are a chocolate addict.   Of course for the more worldy folks there is the Italian Disaronno Amaretto, close to perfection if you ask me.  I know that everyone is breathing a deep sigh of relief.  We will report on if this new Starbucks Coffee is tasty hopefully by next Shabbat.

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