Happy Birthday Mom

It is with great pride and joy that I wish my mother, Denah Bookstein, a very happy birthday, till 120! May she have a great and healthy year of simcha and naches fun kinderlach.

Gefilte Fish Mantra

Another video from the team at Jewyakasha Productions promoting Jewlicious.2  You can meet Guru Lee at Jewlicious.2, and watch the video here at video.google

Guru Lee

VHI Jewtastic, Going to speak about Kabbalah

It isn’t enough that Jews are being patronized and tokenified by American popular culture, shishka-bobbed across the world by mad, foaming at the mouth Islamonazis, and denied access to Mecca, now VH1 a channel that should only be doing videos is about to unleash a Jewish show. SO Jewtastic! is

The one-hour show will cover the trendy rise of Kabbalah, the new hip Jews in Hollywood, the marriage of Jews and hip hop, the connection between Jews and Heavy Metal and the domination of Jews in comedy. As a bonus, Jackie Mason schools the goyim on Yiddish terms that rock. OY GEVALT!

Can you hear the shmaltz?

Apparently Jackie Mason will be by to make sure this is another joke. And does anyone want to be more Jewish from watching a group of actors whose only ting in common is that they have married out?

I’ll stop kvetching a get the shnapps.